Vansh Sayani on Sai Baba role: ‘Learn to embrace the storms in your life’


Child actor Vansh Sayani is seen portraying the role of Bal Sai in ‘Mere Sai: Shradha Aur Saburi’. Vansh talks about his role and what he learnt while being part of the show.

Talking about the role, Vansh shares: “Playing this role has not only been an opportunity of a lifetime, but it has also strengthened my belief in Sai Baba. The way he proposes peaceful and calm solutions to the people’s problems inspires me to be a better person. There is one verse that I believe in – ‘Without rain, nothing grows. Learn to embrace the storms in your life. Why fear when I’m here?’ which is so comforting.”

The ongoing track showcases the childhood life of Sai Baba through, ‘Sai Janm Katha’. Narrating the story is Marathi actor Girish Oak in the role of ‘sutradhaar’ with child actor Vansh playing Bal Sai Baba in the ongoing track.

He adds: “The episode I will be in is about the importance of preserving the environment, and how Lord Sai advocated for it. My family and friends were very excited when they learnt that I’m going to be in such an amazing show, and it is a matter of great pride for all of us.”

‘Mere Sai: Shraddha Aur Saburi’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.



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