VCK chief Thirumavalavan’s tweet flags controversy

A tweet by Tamil Nadu’s VCK founder President Thol Thirumavalvan, on the national and party flags, has created a controvery with members of social media opining that the message has “secessionist” undercurrents.

The VCK is an electoral ally of the state’s ruling DMK.

A couple of days back, Thirumavalavan tweeting the video of his party cadre hoisting the party flag, added in Tamil: “Today our movement flag! Tomorrow our national flag! #VCKflag #Tamilsflag.

However, several social media users have objected to Thirumavalavan’s comment.

One said that there is nothing wrong in hoisting one’s party flag and it is their right, “but why is that national flag?”

Another said there should not be any wrong comparison between a national flag and a party flag.

Political analyst Sumant Raman, in a tweet, said: “There is always this undercurrent of separatism in the speeches and actions of several parties in Tamil Nadu. They don’t dare do it openly for fear of the law but it is just below the surface. And this is from a Member of Parliament.”