Venezuela-Colombia border formally reopens

The border between Venezuela and Colombia has formally reopened, after a symbolic act led by Colombian President Gustavo Petro and Venezuelan ministers at the Simon Bolivar Bridge linking the two countries.

Petro said on Monday that he hoped the reopening would benefit the residents on each side, who for years had to risk passing through unauthorized crossings, reports Xinhua news agency.

After the ceremony, trucks with merchandise began to cross the border, with aluminium material from Venezuela and a shipment of medicines from Colombia.

Earlier, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro commented on his Twitter account that “firm steps were taken to advance in the total and absolute opening of the border between brotherly peoples: Colombia and Venezuela. It is a historic and transcendental day!”

Earlier this month, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had announced that flights from Caracas and the northern city of Valencia to Colombia’s capital Bogota will also resume.

Since Petro took office in Colombia, Caracas and Bogota have progressively advanced in normalising ties severed in 2019 by his predecessor Ivan Duque.




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