Venezuela rejects US accusation against anti-drug policy

The Venezuelan government has rejected a US government report alleging it failed to make substantial efforts to fight drug trafficking.

In a statement, the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry described as “unlawful and illegitimate” the US practice of “seeking to establish itself as a supranational police of sovereign and independent states”, Xinhua news agency reported on Friday.

A memorandum signed by US President Joe Biden on Wednesday designated “Venezuela as having failed demonstrably to make substantial efforts” to adhere to its “obligations under international counter-narcotics agreements”.

According to the Ministry, Washington’s actions “violate fundamental principles of Public International Law, such as mutual sovereign respect, political independence, juridical equality and non-intervention in internal affairs”.

“The US persists in its inappropriate attempt to play global anti-drug gendarme,” it said.

“Venezuela strictly complies with the provisions of international conventions for the control of psychotropic substances and narcotics,” the Ministry added.

The South American country “is recognised by the UN as a country free of illicit crops, thanks to the permanent work of security forces, preventive policies and coordinated cooperation”, the statement read.

The Ministry also condemned the politicisation of the issue, urging world governments “to treat it ethically and responsibly”.