VHP to open Arogya Shalas in Kashi

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has drafted a plan to open as many as 100 Arogya Shalas in slums in 19 districts of Kashi Prant.

Five Arogya Shalas, a special clinic, in Prayagraj district including Mumfordganj, Phaphamau, Jhunsi, Naini and Dhoomanganj have already started functioning and specialised doctors including allopath, homeopath and ayurvedic are examining and treating patients from slum pockets of the city.

VHP’s Kashi Prant prachar pramukh, Ashwani Mishra told reporters that “After opening Arogya Shalas at five different spots in Prayagraj, a draft has been finalised to open Arogya shalas at other districts of Kashi prant”.

He added under the plan, an allopathic and ayurvedic doctor would be visiting and treating patients at VHP’s Arogya shala once a week while a homeopathic doctor would be visiting Arogya Shala thrice a week.

Mishra, claimed, “VHP has engaged doctors of all three pathies with an appeal to give their one- or two-hour time on fixed days to examine and treat patients from slum areas”.

The five Arogya Shalas set up by the VHP in Prayagraj have become popular.




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