Mumbai, April 3 (IANS) While B-Town celebs are busy finding ways to workout inside their homes amid the lockdown, actor Vidyut Jammwal has found an innovative way to sweat it out! On Friday morning, the actor took to Instagram to share a video where he can be seen climbing a tree!

The actor captioned: “It’s not the vastness of the tree I am conquering.. It’s Me that I am conquering! #ITrainLikeVidyutJammwal

#Kalaripayattu #SocialDistancing.”

The video has the song “Garje gajraj hamare” from Vidyut Jammwal’s 2019 movie “Junglee”, as the actor deftly hops from one branch to another effortlessly! Looks like climbing tree is something Vidyut is quite used to and one cannot deny appreciating his level of fitness.

Netizens showered his post with words of appreciation. The actor also seems to be in a good mood as he interacted with his fans in a jolly manner.

A female fan commented: “That’s amazing climbing. I have experienced climbing on the tree when I was small and I mingled mostly with boys. But as time passed, I became a normal girl like other girls.”

Reacting to her comment, Vidyut wrote: “Normal could be boring. Start climbing trees and experience the fun that you are missing. Why should boys have all the fun?”

Another fan asked for the actor’s suggestion and wrote: “Sir I want to learn kalaripayattu, my age is 31 and there is some stiffness in my body. Can I learn?”

Vidyut sarcastically replied: “Wait for 9 more years. 40 years is an excellent time to start. Learning can start at any age.”




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