Vijay Devarakonda’s nude ‘Liger’ poster was his own idea


Telugu actor Vijay Devarakonda became a superstar overnight with his rebellious role in and as ‘Arjun Reddy’, which released in 2017. His ‘Arjun Reddy’ was remade in Hindi as ‘Kabir Singh’ starring Shahid Kapoor.

Vijay is all set to make his big Bollywood debut with the movie, ‘Liger’, which will release in cinemas on August 25, 2022.

The movie is being backed by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions and in the movie, Vijay Devarakonda is playing the role of a mixed martial arts specialist. The movie also marks the Bollywood debut of America’s boxing legend, Mike Tyson.

But what’s gotten everyone talking is the poster of the movie, which was recently released. Vijay made headlines when his poster featuring him practically in the nude except for a bouquet of flowers.

Now, as per latest reports, it has come to be known that the idea for that poster actually came from Vijay Devarakonda himself and in fact when it was pitched, Karan Johar was not too thrilled about it.

Apparently, Karan Johar worked hard to persuade Vijay that it made no sense that a boxer would pose in the nude but Vijay was sure this was a good idea.

As per Bollywood Hungama, a source close to the movie project said, “But Vijay was adamant. He wanted the first poster to be eye-catching. Vijay wants to make a splash with his Bollywood debut. He has an entire strategy worked out to promote Liger. Many trolls are blaming producer Karan Johar and director Puri Jagannadh for Vijay’s nude poster. But it was completely Vijay’s idea to pose in the buff for the Liger poster.”

As for the movie, even with his debut, Vijay was very set on his debut being an action movie. He was clear that whenever he entered Bollywood, it would have to be a type of project he had never worked on before in Telugu cinema.

‘Liger’ is evidently the perfect project that Vijay Devarakonda was looking for. It is a complete action entertainer and suited for the big-screen experience. Vijay Devarakonda has a massive fan following in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and his fans are called, ‘Rowdies’. The actor is said to be quite proud of the action sequences he has performed in the movie and it is believed that some of the action sequences in ‘Liger’ have never been seen before in Indian cinema.


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