Vijay Kashyap on how he relates with his onscreen character in ‘Ziddi Dil Maane Na’

Actor Vijay Kashyap has been a part of the industry for over three decades. He has played various roles onscreen in both television and films and is known for his roles in movies like ‘Gandhi’, ‘Ardh Satya’ and many more. The actor will soon be seen in the upcoming show ‘Ziddi Dil Maane Na’.

The promo of the show was recently released, and Kashyap is happy with the response it received.

Talking about his character, he says: “I play a retired Army Colonel who received top honours in his career. He must have been a visionary and exemplary in his job and that means he has been very sincere and extraordinary in his work. And that’s what I do in my real life too, I try to excel at things, even if it is cooking, I try to do it with perfection. You can’t be perfect but you can be close to perfect.”

The veteran actor said that he has been a soldier all his life, and he “ideologically” relates to his character completely. “I was part of NCC for years and then my military background also makes me a soldier. I have tremendous respect for the defence forces,” he added.

Praising the entire concept of the daily soap, he concluded: “The show is written brilliantly and I am happy to be part of it.”