Vijay Varma on his parents’ reaction after he became a star


Vijay Varma says the popularity he has gained lately has been a sort of validation because his parents would be disappointed in his early years when he wasn’t visible enough.

“I feel a sense of validation and acceptance because when I did not have anything and was struggling and I was not making any news for them I was still like a nobody in terms of profession I have chosen. They watched television, read magazines and newspapers, I was not there. So, for them I was just not working as an actor and I was like films that are un-released,” Vijay told IANS.

It was after he featured in the 2016 release “Pink”, starring Amitabh Bachchan, that Vijay’s father really became proud of him.

“That gave me a lot of validation. Now they do cute stuff like when I go not too many people come and meet me. They try to be my managers! I find that cute,” he said.

Vijay’s latest work is the sci-fi comedy web series “OK Computer”.