Vijayan hounding those close to me, says Swapna Suresh

Kerala gold smuggling case prime accused Swapna Suresh, who has taken on Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to expose his and his family’s “wrongdoings” , on Friday accused him of hounding all those who are supporting her.

“A poor driver of mine is the latest victim of Vijayan’s anger towards me as he has been made an accused in a fresh case. The only crime he did was he was my driver. They were trying to coerce him to testify against me and when he refused, he has been made an accused in a case,” she alleged.

Swapna Suresh, in February was given a job by NGO HRDS India, which works among the tribals. However, after she testified before a magistrate in June that Vijayan, his wife and daughter were engaged in smuggling gold and currency, she lost her job, allegedly due to the government’s pressure.

Later one of the trustees was picked up by the police in a one year old case and after cooling his heels in the jail for two days, he got bail on Thursday.

Swapna Suresh alleged that ever since she made the revelation last month, a conspiracy case against her has been registered and the police is giving sleepless nights to a few of those who have been helping her.

Police also registered a case against her counsel based on his Facebook post.

Swapna Suresh has vowed that she will not budge and she will continue to “expose” Vijayan and his family, claiming she has all the evidence to prove her statements.




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