Vikram Gokhale to star in Baba Play’s series ‘Ambedkar The Legend’

Veteran actor Vikram Gokhale will be starring in a series titled ‘Ambedkar The Legend’ by Baba Play, a social media entertainment app and OTT platform.

The biopic series is on the legendary life of India’s greatest reform leader Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. Unlike a series seen ever before, this biopic will throw light on rarely known facts about the exemplary leader.

The series ‘Ambedkar The Legend’ will showcase events in the life of Dr Ambedkar that shaped him into a leader who changed the face of India.

Vikram said: “It is an honour to play the role of one of India’s greatest influential figures. He is my personal icon and I take the responsibility to do justice to his personality through my work. I am also looking forward to make a mark on the OTT space as this is where my audience is migrating today.”

He added: “What Baba Play is doing in the space of informative entertainment is also a great measure to connect our youth with our history.”

This year the death anniversary of Dr Ambedkar, which falls on December 6, will be an ode to the memory of the chief architect of India’s Constitution.

Baba Play will make this happen through the launch of the series ‘Ambedkar The Legend’.

Dr Ambedkar is often titled as the chief architect of India’s Constitution or a Dalit leader but in reality he is the face of women empowerment in India. His work has revolutionised equal rights for women in society. He played a key role in the discussions leading up to independence, for example as one of the two untouchable delegates chosen by the British to attend the Round Table conferences on India’s Constitutional status in the early 1930s.

Untouchables were not the only depressed classes of the society who were uplifted by Dr Ambedkar’s work. He also worked towards reducing socio-economic differences in India.

The web series is a presentation of writer, producer and director Sanjiv Jaiswal. He is known for his films like ‘Fareb’, ‘Anwar’, ‘Shudra: The Rising’ and ‘Pranaam’.

Jaiswal said: “Our nation is moving towards a more equitable and inclusive culture because one man started a movement that led us on this path. As a tribute to his ideologies, we have created India’s first-ever social media platform dedicated to Ambedkarites.”

“This will be the instrument of massive change. ‘Ambedkar The Legend’ is not just an entertainment series, it is a tribute to the greatness of this reformative leader’s work.”

Baba Play app reveals the motion poster and the trailer of the web series ‘Ambedkar The Legend’ that will showcase the life of India’s greatest reform leader Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.




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