Villagers around Amangarh Tiger Reserve in UP demand fencing

A month after the Amangarh Tiger Reserve (ATR) was thrown open to tourists, the residents of surrounding villages have demanded permanent fencing to confine animals within the boundaries of the ATR.

The villagers claim that due to increased vehicular movement in the area, more and more animals are straying into human settlements.

“We have deer and other animals straying into the villages but very soon, we will have tigers coming in,” said Ratan Raj, a local resident.

There are 22 villages on the fringes of the ATR.

The forest department spokesman has said, “Exact demarcation is yet to take place to ascertain the borders of the ATR, which is a buffer zone of the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve. There are 42 villages located on the bordering area of forest from Nagina range to Amangarh Tiger reserve area.”

Bijnor divisional forest officer Anil Kumar Patel said, “Some villagers have approached us two days ago. They have staked claim that wild animals are straying into their fields and villages due to tourist movement in Amangarh. However, their claims seem to be baseless right now.”




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