Vindu Dara Singh: Stop finding a scapegoat for every problem


Actor Vindu Dara Singh on Monday reminded netizens that they need to take care of their safety and also of those around them. He added that one should stop looking for people to shift the blame upon, at a time when India is battling the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I myself, by myself & for myself. I am responsible for my safety & those around me. Stop finding a scapegoat for every problem and start helping others if you have taken care of your problems try and solve others problems. Lead by example let’s all be #CovidWarriors,” Singh tweeted.

A day before, he noted how certain elements were playing with people’s lives during these testing times.

“Even in these troubled times when it’s extremely essential that we help each other, some people and corporates are playing with peoples lives. From not giving adequate resources to overcharging for even Oxygen and other medicines and silly tests that don’t even work being sold by massive margins; there are greedy souls who are trying to make the most of these unfortunate circumstances without any guilt and repercussions,” the actor shared in an Instagram post on Sunday.

“Please, if you know or see someone that needs help, take a step forward and do whatever you can. Even if it means just sharing a simple, verified message with necessary details or just lending them a shoulder to cry on. In these times, the least we can do is empathize with people who are struggling and also, however little we can do to support someone, let’s not hesitate. Let’s follow and preach, only the religion of humanity and hope for better times to come soon,” he suggested.