Vinit Kakar joins ‘RadhaKrishn’ as voice artiste for animated Garuda


Actor Vinit Kakar has joined the cast of the mythological television show “RadhaKrishn” as a voice artiste who will feature as the voice of Garuda, an animated creation on the show as of now.

“I’m fortunate to get work during this time of crisis. Most importantly, the role doesn’t need me to travel or go for shoots that are happening at Umbergaon. I have joined the show as a voice artiste. I can do my dubbing at home. It’s my first show as a voice artiste,” he says.

The actor, who has been seen as Shishupal and Takshak in the same show, says that Garuda is a significant character.

“Garuda is the bird-like vehicle mount (vahana) of Lord Vishnu. In Hindu mythological stories, he has strong value. Garuda is described as the king of birds. As its kite-like figure and is shown either in zoomorphic form, as in a giant bird with partially open wings,” he says.

Vinit has earlier featured in shows like “Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush”, “Devi Adi Parashakti” and “Chandragupta Maurya”.