Vir Das’s savage reply to trolls on Slapgate: “I slap back”

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during the Oscars is the most talked about event in the last week. While there is plenty of news, apologies and statements from Academy and fellow actors, the most trending bits are the memes and jokes going viral on the internet.

Social media users are having a field day making tens and thousands of jokes and jibes around the event.

So, it was only a matter of time that other stand-up comedians felt the heat too. Vir Das, one of India’s leading stand-up comedians was the latest target of trolling, when a social media user posted a comment stating that, like Chris Rock, who got slapped for making an insensitive and inappropriate joke, Vir Das too deserved to get slapped.

Vir Das, however, is not renowned for his humour on stage only. He often uses his razor-sharp wit on his social media where he is on point when posting something and more so, when responding to the incessant trolling that has become part and parcel of every celebrity’s life.

The troll vs. Vir Das incident goes like this: Vir posted something on his Twitter, in response, a social media user commented, “Someone needs to do a will Smith on this one. He would totally deserve it too.”

Vir, though, is a pro at handling trolling now. He responded with, “You’re welcome to buy a front-row ticket and try at my next show. Just know I slap back. Also, once you’ve spent that front row money, your wife will probably slap you for ruining her evening. Cheers.”

Here is the tweet:

Vir Das is no stranger to criticism and trolling. His last stand-up which was mired in controversy was when he delivered the monologue: ‘Two Indias’ on tour in the US. He received polar responses for it globally with some agreeing wholeheartedly with him and the rest pouncing on him for disrespecting his home country. Politicians and celebrities also got vocal on their views about his monologue.



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