‘Vishnu Avatar’, Guj man demands Rs 16L salary or else face drought

A former Gujarat officer has warned that he will curse the state with drought if he is not given Rs 16 lakh salary and gratuity, which according to him has been stopped by the government.

The former officer claims that he is the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu, the Kalki avatar.

Rameshchandra Fefar, a Superintending Engineer with the Sardar Sarovar Punarvasvat (Rehabilitation) Agency (SSPA) had stopped attending his office in 2018, claiming to be the tenth Avatar of lord Vishnu. In response to a show cause notice issued by the government, Fefar justified his absence as the workplace environment was not ideal for “doing penance” to “change the global conscience”.

Fefar, a Rajkot resident, was then granted premature retirement from government service because of his absence from office due to his claims. He claimed that it was because of his divine powers that the state was receiving good rains for the last two years.

On July 1, demanding money from Water Resources Department of the government, Fefar wrote to the secretary claiming that the “demons sitting in the government” were harassing him by withholding his salary and gratuity. Because of the “harassment” he will now bring drought in Gujarat as he is the “tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu”.

“I am indeed the ‘Kalki’ Avatar of lord Vishnu and it is because of my ‘Tapascharya’ that the country is receiving good rains for two years, benefiting Hindustan with more than Rs 20 lakh crore. Despite that, the demons sitting in the government offices are harassing me. So I am going to bring drought in the entire world,” Fefar claims in his letter.

“The Gujarat government owes me around Rs 16 lakh for the salary of one year. I have been doing work from home as everybody else during this Corona times,” says Fefar’s letter.

Fefar claims that he had first realised that he was Kalki Avatar, when he was in the office in March 2010. Since then, he has acquired divine powers, he claimed to the media.

Fefar has also claimed that it was he who brought the present crisis of the coronavirus and said that no one will be able to escape from it. There was only one cure to beat it, “Chanting Sitaram Mantra thousands of times”.