Vishnu Vishal lauds the honesty of ‘FIR’ Director Manu Anand

Showering praise on Manu Anand, the director of his upcoming film ‘FIR’, producer and actor Vishnu Vishal on Thursday said that it was Manu’s honest nature that made him (Vishnu Vishal) want to work with him (Manu).

Speaking at the trailer launch event of the film, which was held in the city, the actor disclosed that when he first came onboard the ‘FIR’ project, it was only as an actor.

“Initially, another production house was producing the film and my association with the film was only as an actor. However, they could not continue it for some reasons. When Manu Anand realised this, he called me and asked me if he could meet me. I was outside and asked him to come to my office. I went to my office and met him,” Vishnu Vishal said.

Manu said the film was shaping up well but that it looked like the producer might not be able to produce it any further. Manu said, “I want to let you know about this situation as I did not want to keep you waiting and waste your time.”

“A director, who is directing his first film, will only look to keep his artiste. But Manu was honest about the situation as he did not want to waste my time. That was what made me want to work with him,” Vishnu Vishal said.

“When we started, I told him that I did not have enough funds and that my decision to produce future films would depend on how he made this film. He has more than lived up to his word,” Vishnu Vishal said.

The film, apart from Vishnu Vishal, also features Gautham Vasudev Menon, Reba Monica John, Manjima Mohan and Raiza Wilson.

It is about a young Muslim, whose life is turned upside down by the authorities because of a suspicion they harbour. How he responds to the situation is what the film is all about.




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