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New Delhi, Dec 27 (IANSlife) The British Council Library has long been bibliophiles’ and avid readers’ first love. Scholars, students, professionals, children, and parents have all visited the reader’s paradise over the years.

The Library in Delhi has reopened its doors, with strict health and safety measures in place for both visitors and personnel. From Sunday, December 26 through Thursday, December 30, 2021, the British Council will host a Library Fest for members and non-members as part of the reopening.

Visitors can look forward to a library tour, book sale, book club meetings, movie screenings, and self-development workshops on each day of the Fest. The book sale will allow all book enthusiasts to explore the treasure and read their favourite books while basking in the warm winter sun. Here are four reasons why bookworms and voracious readers should not miss the Fest this winter:

Book sale (26-30 December):

Winters, holidays, literature, and blankets are all things that come to mind when I think about winter. It’s the greatest time of year to stockpile books to get you through the long winter ahead. Visit the book sale to get great deals on books. Picture books, fiction, nonfiction, arts, young adult novels, and children’s books will be available at the sale.

Book Club Meet (26 December):

The Book Club Meet will examine the one book that each of us enjoys curling up with over the holidays. Books give the imagination wings and assist in visualising a world seen or unseen. On the 28th of December, we will discuss books and their film adaptations in Teens Book Club.

Movie Screening (27 December):

Unlike other events, Library Fest will feature a festive theme-based film – Last Christmas – to keep guests entertained. There are no tickets and admission is free.

Workshops for adults and teens (26/29 December):

Everyone has been coming to terms with a new concept of normalcy in these extraordinary times. This participatory self-development class for adults focuses on sharing personal experiences and ideas for maintaining a healthy and pleasant mind. The teen workshop ‘Lets Talk’ will provide a platform for teens to plan, practise, and present their points of view and ideas in an engaging manner.

For more details and registrations, visit:

Date:Sunday,26 December to Thursday,30 December 2021

Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: British Council, 17 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi – 110 001

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