Vivek Oberoi revisited Mohanlal’s work in ‘Company’ for ‘Dharavi Bank’

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, who is garnering a lot of positive response for his work in the recently released streaming series ‘Dharavi Bank’, has a connection between his debut movie ‘Company’ this film.

Since the actor plays the role of Joint Commissioner of Police, Jayant Gavaskar in ‘Dharavi Bank’, he revisited his debut film to seek inspiration for ‘Dharavi Bank’ from Mohanlal’s character of Veerappalli Srinivasan IPS, Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police.

Vivek said: “There are some performances that stay in your heart for life. Though ‘Company’ was my first film, it was a learning ground for me. I was surrounded by the best actors of our times from Ajay Devgn to Mohanlal. For ‘Dharavi Bank’, I, in fact, went back to Mohanlal Sir’s performance all over again. He played Veerappalli Srinivasan IPS, Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police. I have vivid memories of how he approached his scenes.”

Heaping praise on the renowned actor, Vivek further mentioned: “His technique comes from experience so there’s a certain effortlessness in how he plays it. It is all fresh in my mind – how he approached the character, how he prepared for it, his demeanour on set. I have tried to use some of his tricks for the part. Because I am familiar with a lot of cops in the Mumbai Police Force, even the guidance they provided helped me.




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