New Delhi, Jan 8 (IANSlife) VLCC has become the first domestic beauty and wellness brand to get Indian Medical Associations (IMA) recommendation for its weight management and wellness programmes, the company announced at an event held on Wednesday in Delhi.

VLCC’s weight management and wellness programmes are based on dietary modification, physical activity regimen, therapeutic body therapies and behavioural counselling and are customised for each individual.

These programmes are delivered in each of its wellness centres by teams of specialists, including nutritionists, physiotherapists, fitness experts and behavioural counsellors, under the supervision of a medical doctor.

VLCC currently operates over 250 wellness and beauty centres across over 150 cities in 16 countries spanning South Asia, Middle East and East Africa.

Vandana Luthra, founder and Co-Chairperson, VLCC Group said: “We are indeed encouraged to be recommended by IMA. It is further affirmation that VLCC’s scientifically validated solutions and delivery processes are safe and effective. VLCC has always been the flag bearer of the industry by introducing the best, most scientific weight management and wellness solutions with a clear focus on measurable outcomes. We will continue to invest in technologies, experts, methods and proprietary processes to transform human lives.”

Ramesh Kumar Datta, Finance Secretary, IMA said: Non-communicable and lifestyle diseases like obesity and overweight and their related illnesses, while being easily preventable, are fast becoming public health hazards in India. The country’s curative healthcare delivery infrastructure is being increasingly burdened with the strain of managing such illnesses, whereas it would be far better deployed addressing life threatening and communicable diseases. VLCC, with their process-driven wellness and weight-management programmes, is playing an important role in preventive healthcare delivery. We would urge other constituents of this ecosphere to also adopt scientifically validated service delivery methodology.

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