New Delhi, Oct 26 (IANSlife) As fall nesting is upon us, striking designs with handpicked colours in a variety of trending wallpaper designs are perfect to spruce up placid walls.

If you’re looking to dramatically overhaul your interiors, wallpapers are a good option as they are durable and cost-effective. In the long run, wallpapers can add texture and dimension to a space, transforming an ordinary room into something special. Take your pick from muted backdrops to geometric prints from a splash of vibrant hues to intricate patterns.

Artisan Furnishings curates a collection for every kind of home this fall:

Minimalistic Decor

If yours is a minimalistic abode with clean simple designs and home accessories, covering your wall with a muted colour and simple floral motifs will work like a charm. An interplay of the yesteryear’s cottage core vibe with a contemporary design aesthetic, your walls will play muse to the season of new beginnings.

Cover Me in Sunshine

Vibrant hues of sunshine orange and yellow with intricately lined patterns in white bring out a certain allure and warmth to your home along with adding a statement to your wall. Paint your home in this subdued backdrop to give it a fresh makeover.

Go Rustic with Earthy Tones

Invoking the aura of the charming English countryside, the rustic trend blends, neutral backdrops and an earthy colour palette of beige, brown and blue. Infusing a sense of tradition and craftsmanship, these wallpapers are designed with ingenuity and love for our diverse roots.

Bold Hues on Muted Backdrops

Give your home a festive spirit and feel with wallpapers created on a simple colour palette of cream with gold accents. Reminiscent of palaces and their vintage and regal vibe, this wall covering trend goes perfectly for every kind of space.

A melange of Pattern and Prints

Uniquely designed patterns on a plethora of backdrops coloured white, cream, beige and bold hues of violet, this trend are perfect for all seasons. Floral motifs and structural designs create a bespoke line of wall arts to bring out the essence of fall in your home.

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