Warner Bros. censors gay love in ‘Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore’ for China


Warner Bros. confirmed that it has removed certain dialogues from the movie, ‘Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore’ for its release in China in order to appease the Chinese Government.

The studio has removed all clear references about Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) and Gellert Grindelwald’s (Mads Mikkelsen) romance.

Specifically, the lines, “the summer Gellert and I fell in love” and “I was in love with you” are the ones that officially make it known for the first time in the ‘Harry Potter’ series franchise that Hogwarts’ most beloved Headmaster is gay and that he had a romantic relationship with an evil wizard.

The cuts made in the movie is only about 6 seconds of the movie’s 143-minute runtime, but these six seconds are important in establishing the backstory of the characters and their personality.

In a statement made to THR, a Warner Bros. spokesperson said, “As a studio, we’re committed to safeguarding the integrity of every film we release, and that extends to circumstances that necessitate making nuanced cuts in order to respond sensitively to a variety of in-market factors.”

The statement continued,” Our hope is to release our features worldwide as released by their creators but historically we have faced small edits made in local markets. In the case of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, a six-second cut was requested and Warner Bros. accepted those changes to comply with local requirements but the spirit of the film remains intact. We want audiences everywhere in the world to see and enjoy this film, and it’s important to us that Chinese audiences have the opportunity to experience it as well, even with these minor edits.”


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