Water supply in east Delhi to resume by Sunday evening: DJB

The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) said that the water supply in east Delhi, affected since Friday morning, would resume by Sunday evening.

A senior DJB official told IANS that the interconnection work had been completed by 4 p.m. and water supply would be restored till evening.

The DJB said that the problem occurred as several building owners located along east Delhi’s Vikas Marg had complained that due to leakage in the water lines passing through their area, water had entered the basements causing a threat to the building structure. Repair work was subsequently taken up.

On the delay in repair work, the DJB official said: “The actual complexity was fully known only after digging the site, following which the interconnection work got delayed by 24 hours. The entangled cables located beneath the concrete road and back flow of water hampered the process of welding the lines which took time to complete within the given time.”

“Water supply will be normalised in all affected areas where water is received by direct tapping from evening onwards and the areas that receive water via underground reservoirs (UGRs) will receive the supply by Monday morning as UGRs will first be levelled with water from the Bhagirathi plant which will then be distributed to the areas under its command,” the official added.