Wayne Brady on co-parenting with ex-wife

Five-time Emmy Award winning actor Wayne Brady has opened up about co-parenting with his wife Mandie on “The Drew Barrymore Show”. He jokes that if he knew the secret behind having harmony in co-parenting dynamics, he would have sold books.

Show host and actress Drew Barrymore asked Brady: “The harmony you and your daughter Maile and her mom have is just so aspirational. What is a good secret there maybe for people to know to have that kind of harmony in their own co-parenting dynamics?”

Brady replied: “Drew, I wish I could tell you the secret. If that were the case, I would have sold 15 million books already. But I’ll tell you when it comes to our situation, I would say work.”

“It sounds like such a small thing it’s like work but what’s pretty cool is that’s my baby momma right there and that’s her boyfriend Jason and that’s my daughter Maile, when people look at our TikTok’s they see the picture of harmony and co-parenting and making a blended family that you want,” he added.

The actor said he just sold a sitcom based on their family because people started seeing their family during the pandemic “and were like, ‘Oh my God that’s so weird’. You see that TikTok and folks online go, ‘Oh my God it’s so aspirational. What’s your secret?'”

He added: If you would have seen the five minutes before that TikTok, the work it takes to get to that TikTok just in life, the yelling, the screaming, the fun, the tears, the ups, the downs, the not being able to talk to each other for a week because you’re not seeing eye to eye, you were trying to make another person happy while caring for this little person you want to strangle each other sometimes.”

Brady says those TikTok videos would not be possible if they had not worked.

“For me to be able to love Mandie the way that I do and she loves me and she has my back and we care about nothing more than the well-being of this daughter and then for me to consider Jason to a part of my family. The work that that took, that’s not for everybody because I don’t think everybody has that love for the other person. You should,” Brady said.

He added: “But I don’t know if everyone can do it but if you can the beautiful thing is you have a family that you made and you have a child who has two parents that show their love because they love so that’s my soapbox.”