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We can stop procuring vegetables from Belgavi if local production increases: Goa CM

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Friday said that 100 per cent procurement of local vegetables can be done, which will help to stop procurement from Belgavi in Karnataka.

Sawant was speaking during the inauguration of the Zonal Agriculture Office at Cortalim in South Goa.

“Various types of agricultural crops can be produced in the state. We assure you (farmers) that hundred percent procurement will be done through the horticulture department. There is no need to bring vegetables from Belgavi-Karnataka,” Sawant said.

Encouraging the farmers he said that their bills will be cleared after every 15 days once they are submitted.

“To achieve the goal of Swayampurn Goa, all involved in agriculture, horticulture, dairy farming and pisciculture will be encouraged. Technical and financial support will be given to all those who venture into these activities,” he said.

He urged the farmers to test their soil and avail the soil health cards for better production. “We need to test the soil before starting agriculture. This will help the farmers in good production,” he said.

On many occasions in the past, Sawant had appealed to the farmers to increase local production of vegetables so that the state can stop procurement from Belgavi.

“We are dependent on vegetables procured from Belgavi-Karnataka. We now ‘like’ the taste of outside procurement, more than our traditionally grown vegetables here. This is a fact,” Sawant had said.

Under the Goa State Horticultural Corporation Ltd (GSHCL), around 1300 vendors in the state sell vegetables. The GSHCL purchases vegetables from other states and supplies to these vendors.

“If we increase local vegetable production then the Horticulture Corporation will give a good rate (to farmers). We will stop importing vegetables from other states and will purchase only locally produced vegetables,” he had said.

“Annually a 20 crore rupees subsidy is being paid to farmers. To whom do we give it (subsidy)? Farmers from other states and what type of vegetable they supply us? If I tell this (about quality) then reporters will publish it. (Hence) I will not tell,” Sawant said.

“If you grow vegetables then this subsidy can be yours,” he said.



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