New Delhi, Jan 16 (IANSlife) VLCC recently become the first domestic beauty and wellness brand to get Indian Medical Associations (IMA) recommendation for its weight management and wellness programmes.

The programmes is based on EMSCULPT technology – the only non-invasive procedure to build muscle and burn fat.

IANSlife got in touch with Vandana Luthra, founder and Co-Chairperson, VLCC Group, to explain the details of the programme and why one should opt for it.


What is weight management and wellness programme by VLCC all about?

Luthra: VLCC have handled over 10 million customers and delivering over 1,70,000 kgs of weight-loss annually. Nearly 60 per cent of our customers for weight-management and wellness services are individuals with medical conditions. VLCC’s weight management and wellness programmes are based on dietary modification, physical activity regimen, therapeutic body therapies and behavioural counselling and are customised for each individual. These programmes are safe, do not have any side-effects and do no involve any invasive procedures, medication, diet pills, food packets or any strenuous workouts.

What is non-invasive body shaping?

Luthra: Non-invasive procedures are those that do not involve any injectables or surgical procedures. They could involve the usage of topical application products and/or radio-frequency and or cavitation technology-based appliances. New and advanced technologies which are FDA approved are the safest and most efficient ways of sculpting the body, but of course along with diet, activity and lifestyle modification as an integral part of the body sculpting programmes!

Getting IMA recommendation, how do you think it will help grow the brand and simultaneously help more and more people achieve their goals?

Luthra: This approval is further affirmation that VLCC’s scientifically validated solutions and delivery processes are safe and effective. Customers have always reposed their faith and trust in VLCC, this will approval is confirmation of their belief in us!

Why should someone opt for this programme?

Luthra: VLCC has led the weight management and holistic wellness revolution in India for three decades now, by introducing scientifically validated programmes, monitored and delivered by a team of subject matter experts, including medical doctor, nutritionists, physiotherapists, fitness experts, behavioural counsellors, cosmetologists and wellness therapists. These solutions are based on extensive research and incorporate the latest technology advances both in terms of processes and protocols.

Additionally, VLCC is singularly unique and effective in offering customised and sustainable solutions specific to each client across geographies, having consistently invested over the years in regularly doing in-depth and extended studies on regional differences in socio-cultural patterns, lifestyle and dietary habits across different cities, towns and communities in the same or different location. This investment in R&D for the last three decades has ensured that we deliver effective solutions that are specific to not just regions but also to each medical condition.

And this is precisely the reason why the VLCC has received the “Weight Management and Wellness Program Recommended By Indian Medical Association” stamp.

Furthermore, with a large investment of financial resources, time and effort made annually on our R&D initiatives, we have always been confident of our service offerings and that confidence is reflected in our Money-Back Guarantee!

With so much competition in the market, how is VLCC able to retain its position?

As the largest player in the weight management and wellness domain in all the 16 countries that we operate in, the strength of our market leadership lies in our consistent investment in R&D and highly qualified professionals as well as sustained and strict adherence to best-in-class service delivery standards. VLCC has always been the flag bearer of the industry by introducing the best, most scientific weight management and wellness solutions with a clear focus on measurable outcomes. We will continue to invest in technologies, experts, methods and proprietary processes to transform human lives.

Today, we deploy 2 per cent of our annual revenue in R&D and have a multi-national team of over 70 specialists and experts across 10 countries who spearhead this effort.

What are you upcoming projects?

Luthra: Residential wellness centres. We are very excited to have partnered with Minor Hotels to operate wellness centres in their resorts. The first such facility is expected to commence operations in Thailand in the next quarter.

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