Webley & Scott to increase production as demand for guns rises

Despite the crackdown on mafia and criminals by the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh, the gun culture continues to prosper.

Well-known British firearms manufacturing company, Webley & Scott, which has an exclusive manufacturing unit in Sandila in Hardoi district, will now increase production to 400 revolvers per month in view of growing demand.

Webley & Scott had collaborated with Lucknow-based Sial Manufacturers Private Ltd. for the arms manufacturing unit which had begun operations in Sandila in 2020.

Director of its India-based partner, Maninder Pal Singh Sial, told reporters that until now they were getting orders for 175-200 revolvers, but the demand has increased to 400 in the past month from across the country.

“So, we have demanded our English partner for the upgrade. New machines from England have already been set up to increase production. A team of engineers from England has also paid a visit to the unit to guide the workers,” he said.

He also added that “maximum orders are being made for our .32 revolver of Webley & Scott, which also happens to be the first foreign company to manufacture firearms here. We are also giving a stiff competition to the arms manufactured by the ordnance factory. For the first time, people are getting world-class weapons at their doorsteps.”

He said the maximum orders are those from the states of southern and central India.

The government’s support and the Centre’s ‘Make in India’ policy have helped the project not only take the final shape but also increase the production, Sial added.

He said that from July, they will also begin manufacturing of .32 pistols which will surely become a rage among the buyers.

Webley & Scott, which armed the Allied forces during the two world wars and produced weapons for at least 15 countries, has its sole presence in the Indian sub-continent in Sandila.




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