Wedding in Telangana tribal village turns Covid superspreader

Health officials in Telangana’s Khammam district are working overtime to trace Covid positive persons, after more than a hundred attendees at a wedding function were found to be affected.

Four persons have died, including the groom’s father. With people reluctant to help with funeral arrangements, the village panchayat did the needful.

Officials said that around 250 people had attended the wedding ceremony that took place on May 14 at Muthyalagudem, a tribal village.

Many of the guests reportedly did not wear masks at the wedding. For close to a week after the function, things seemed normal. However, thereafter people began reporting symptoms.

One of the wedding guests tested positive on May 20. Subsequently, with more persons testing positive, the authorities stepped in to trace contacts and limit the spread. Those testing positive have been advised to go into home-isolation.