WFI to put ‘spies’ on local competitions to avoid embarrassment

The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) has recently found a number of “power boosting injections” in the restrooms of the stadiums during the major local competitions in Kerala, Delhi, Haryana and other states, and has decided to take up the matter seriously.

The federation officials told IANS that the WFI chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh has issued a warning to all the wrestlers who take such power-boosting injections.

“Brij Bhushan has clearly stated that anybody found taking it (such injections) will be punished harshly. Life ban will be imposed on that grappler. The federation has also decided to put WFI officials in all the major local tournaments in India as a spy so that they can report such matters to the higher authorities.

“We have also asked the young wrestlers to share videos of such grapplers who are taking these injections. We will impose a life ban on them. We will reward the informers and keep their nam”s safe,” the WFI official added.

He further said that several complaints of clogged sewer pipes were received by the organisers of the events from the stadium authorities.

“And it was found that the injections were blocking it. After using it, they (few wrestlers) throw it in the pots and make things shameful for us. But now we will put our officials on duty specially to keep an eye on all these activities and make sure nothing much happens. WFI has always believed in fair play and dope is something we will nev”r tolerate,” he added. “Our younger generation will be “uided well.”




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