What does Karan Johar add to his Koffee?

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There must be something Karan!

We are not sure whether Bollywood chat show guy Karan Johar adds truth serum to his ‘koffee’?

Sometimes we wonder how the  host  extracts  so much Bollywood gossip which should only be talked about in bedrooms (Akshay, Twinkle, Khans and adding inches etc.) from the stars who appear on his popular chat show!

We thought there will be fireworks after comments made by Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt about Kangana Ranaut. But no, Kangana, always the one looking for an epic fight, this time sidetracked the issue with a joke what we deduce as laced with a little tongue in cheek humour! If you don’t like a fight praise the opposition, or perhaps she needs a rest from the hectic shooting schedule of Simran in US where she was also involved in a minor accident.

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Kangana’s reponse was diplomatic with praises heaped on the two stars.

Now actor Varun Dhawan says that people should not take the conversations between celebrities and filmmaker Karan Johar on the popular chat show  seriously.

He was obviously referring to an  episode where actress Parineeti Chopra said that Varun is crazy and she shares a love-hate relationship with him.

Asked about her comments, Varun said: “Please don’t take Koffee With Karan so seriously. We (the show’s guests and Karan) talk there in a light manner so, take it lightly.”

The actor, who attended the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2016 on Monday, added: “I cannot say much about Parineeti as she is my senior and we have done one song together. So, there is not much relation with her.”

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Parineeti featured with actor Aditya Roy Kapur in the episode. He suggested to actress Alia Bhatt to always speak the truth.

Reacting to that, Alia said: “Thank you Adi for your suggestion. I know honesty is the best policy so, I will try to speak the truth more often. Having said that, I want to mention that it’s just a show (Koffee With Karan) so, please take it lightly.”

Taking lightly or not, we are waiting for the day when Karan invites Hrithik Roshan and Kangana for a chat, with Rakesh Roshan seated somewhere among the audience! – CINEWS

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