What does your laugh say about you? Laughalizer looking at giggles, guffaws

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First-of-its-Kind Campaign Uses Laughter to Generate Girl Power

Zany, charismatic, shy, uninhibited – what exactly does your laugh say about you? The SunChips’ Waves of Laughter campaign is harnessing the power of laughter to celebrate the uniqueness of women, and encourage them to laugh out proud.

Just like laughter, SunChips’ distinct shape is unique in every wave. Knowing nothing sets you apart from the crowd like your laugh, SunChips developed the Laughalizer, a first-of-its-kind technology that analyzes your laughter to highlight each user’s unique personality and “laugh fingerprint.”

“A person’s laugh is as unique as they are and often serves as a signature, vocal calling card within their circle of friends and family,” says Steve Wilson, laugh expert, psychologist and founder of the World Laughter Tour. “Laughter has a significant impact on health, happiness and self-confidence and is among the most unfiltered expressions of a person’s personality. SunChips has found a wonderful way to not only encourage more laughter in the world but also empower the next generation of women – one laugh at a time.”

Based on gelotology, the study of laughter, and developed in partnership with experts in the field, the Laughalizer analyzes chuckles, snorts and giggles against 12 distinct laugh profiles, identifying users’ primary personality traits based on their unique style of laughing. With personality profiles ranging from “charming” to “mischievous,” consumers can share their resulting profile and “laugh-print” across social media to encourage friends and family to continue the waves of laughter. For each use of the Laughalizer, located at www.LaughwithSunChips.com, SunChips will make $1 donation to Step Up, a nonprofit devoted to helping girls from underserved communities become confident, college-bound and career-focused, with the goal of generating 100,000 laughs to create waves of change.

“Waves of Laughter is about empowering our consumers to celebrate their most authentic selves through something irreplaceable and special – their laughter,” said Tyler Chapman, SunChips vice president of marketing. “The most confident people in the world possess the ability to laugh freely and not take themselves too seriously. Learning to laugh proudly and share your unique voice with the world is a powerful tool when facing life’s challenges and adventures.”

As part of Waves of Laughter, SunChips is committed to making a $100,000 contribution to Step Up, the nonprofit devoted to raising confidence in girls.- PRNewswire

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