Tuesday, June 18, 2024

What drives one to go under the knife: DocuBay unveils its first original ‘Plastic Fantastic’

DocuBay, the leading global documentary streaming platform from the house of IN10 Media Network, has announced the release of its inaugural original documentary, ‘Plastic Fantastic’.

The thought-provoking film offers a profound examination of human insecurities and our relentless quest for perfection, recognising the pivotal role that external appearance plays in shaping one’s self-esteem.

‘Plastic Fantastic’ is a testament to DocuBay’s dedication to crafting diverse and captivating non-fiction content across a range of genres.

Commenting on the documentary, Girish Dwibhashyam, COO, DocuBay, said: “It touches upon how people want to improve their looks; while most use cosmetic products, there are others who are not afraid to take extreme steps such as permanent cosmetic surgeries.”

Dwibhashyam added: “Our research unearthed some truly captivating stories of cosmetic procedures, which as an industry is valued at more than $50 billion globally, making this documentary a relevant and befitting addition to our line-up of intriguing originals that will entice viewers worldwide.”

The documentary features gripping stories centred on captivating themes. One highlighted story follows an aspiring young entrepreneur who decides to undergo breast augmentation surgery to advance her career as a Salsa dancer. For her, the surgery represented more than physical enhancement; it was a catalyst for improving her career prospects.

Likewise, another narrative explores an individual’s journey after gender affirmation surgery, choosing feminisation procedures to emphasize feminine qualities in pursuit of acceptance from both family and society.

The documentary further sheds light on several individuals who are either undergoing or have undergone cosmetic procedures such as lip fillers and Botox, aiming to boost their personal and professional aspirations.

The SVOD platform anticipates that ‘Plastic Fantastic’ will present viewers with intriguing explorations and motivations that underlie plastic surgery.

By sharing the personal experiences of patients, insights from social commentators, and perspectives from leading experts in the field, such as Dr Parag Telang and Dr Umaira Shaikh, the documentary endeavours to foster a deeper comprehension of this evolving phenomenon.

Produced by 1947 Productions, ‘Plastic Fantastic’ caters to a broad audience, aged from 18 to 55 years, and will resonate with anyone curious about the realm of aesthetic surgery.

‘Plastic Fantastic’ is available on DocuBay and on a number of other platforms, including Prime Video Channels, Jio Fibre, Airtel Xstream Play, Tata Play, and others, where the OTT service is accessible.

For a glimpse of what’s in the documentary, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTVAro7PJfQ



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