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What if Canada implemented a 2-child minimum policy?


In countries such as India, limiting the number of children each couple can have is seen as necessary in order to prevent all kinds of social and political issues down the road.
However, in Canada a case can be made to encourage Canadian-born millennials to have one if not two children.
Over the past 150 years, Canada has changed from a high-fertility society where women had many children to a low-fertility society where women are having fewer children overall and at increasingly older ages.
The total fertility rate in Canada has been below the replacement level for over 40 years now. If you are wondering when the last time Canadians were reaching the replacement rate, where families would average two children to replace themselves, you’d have to go all the way back to 1971.
And instead of creating programs and incentivizing young Canadians to settle down and have children, politicians find it a lot easier and politically correct to encourage immigration from mostly third-world countries instead.
The number of immigrants that it accepts each year keeps increasing. The ambitious goal is to have Canada’s population reach 100 million by the year 2100. This growth is only possibly by large-scale immigration. Such a situation can cause all kinds of social and political issues down the road and in recent years we are seeing glimpses of it in the form of rising anti-immigration feelings.
This is not to say that immigration should be stopped, but rather Canada needs to be less reliant on immigration alone to sustain its population base. And for that to happen, millennials need to step up to the challenge of starting families.
Elon Musk was spot on in an interview where he discussed demographics, “I think people are going to have to regard to some degree the notion of having kids as almost a social duty, within reason, I mean… If you can, and you’re so inclined, you should. Otherwise, civilization will just die.”
It is really hilarious when millennials make it seem like their decision not to have children is really a big sacrifice to save the planet. Some claim it is unethical to bring children into a world that is soon to face catastrophic climate change. Others say the planet is bursting at its seams and can do with fewer people. Millennials who choose not to have children should remember that in doing so, they are actually contributing to more greenhouse gases. Why? Canada is forced to import immigrants from 10,000 plus kilometers away which means hundreds of thousands of new immigrants will start to fly between continents. Then these immigrants will have to buy houses and all that will cause Canada to have a larger carbon footprint.
Instead of spending millions of dollars helping new immigrants to adjust to life here, Canada should initiate laws that makes it easier for Canadian-born parents to have children, beyond tax cuts. It is essential that there is a distinction between new first-generation immigrants who generally are known to have two or more children and Canadian-born millennials regardless of race tend to favor one or no children.
The fact that the average Canadian university graduate has $26,000 in student debt is often used as an excuse to avoid starting a family. What if a progressive government in the near future decided to forgive student debt of millennials who chose to raise children?
But such a plan would never get off the ground because immigrant advocates would insist that such incentives to have more children should be given to new immigrant families as well. But the truth is that many new immigrant couples don’t seem to have any qualms about having three, six and even nine children regardless of their financial status. New immigrant families usually don’t need any encouragement to start families, in fact a growing number need to be encouraged to consider hitting pause after baby number three, especially if they are living in poverty or are dependent on government handouts.


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Angela Das November 21, 2019 at 3:03 pm

Good point but man you lost me when you started throwing shade at millennials. You’re an ageist moron.


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