What is the ‘coastal grandmother’ chic look all about and why is it going viral?


A few days ago, ‘Princess Diaries’ actor Anne Hathaway took to her Instagram page to share a picture of herself in a simple trouser, shirt and hat. She captioned her post, “I have been ready for #coastalgrandmother chic since before TikTok was born. May this moment never end.”

What Hathaway is referring to here is a recent viral TikTok trend that has blown up all over the Internet across all social media sites and it’s called the coastal grandma aesthetic.

The term was coined by popular TikTok influencer, Lex Nicoleta and the trend does not seem to be about just nailing the look or being aesthetic, but apparently, it’s a type of lifestyle.

This is a major off shoot from Y2K styles and other trends like cottagecore, E-girls and E-boys, etc., trends that are mostly followed by Gen Z and millennials. And now, this latest trend on TikTok is all about Gen Z folks dressing up and living life like retired grandmothers are known to do.

Nicoleta’s viral TikTok has her stating, “If you love Nancy Meyers movies, coastal vibes, recipes and cooking, Ina Garten, cosy interiors…there’s a good chance you’re a Coastal Grandmother.” She added in her TikTok that you don’t have to be an actual grandmother to be a coastal grandmother, it’s all about liking the look and lifestyle of a costal grandmother and you can be a part of that circle.

So, what is the coastal grandmother look all about?

The trend is about wealthy young women comfortably wearing white button downs, straight jeans, linen caftans, cashmere pullovers, pashmina shawls, straight fit trousers, hats, any and all of this comprises the coastal grandmother look.

Post her TikTok video, Nicoleta also shared a post about ‘coastal grandmother’ interiors – a room that was featured in the movie ‘Something’s Gotta Give’.

For those who want to nail the aesthetic and décor, a handy guide is to replicate the style of Nancy Meyers character, someone who lives really close to a beach or a lake and channel the thoughts of someone old enough to be a grandmother, like Meryl Streep in ‘It’s Complicated’.


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