What not to miss at India Art Fair 2023!

New Delhi, Feb 9 (IANSlife) One of the most thrilling events for the artistic community is the India Art Fair (IAF). This must-attend event in the world of art is the largest celebration of South Asian art and culture. There is something for everyone to take away, regardless of whether you are an artist, a student who enjoys finding inspiration, an art enthusiast who values art, or a collector who is on the hunt for new artists.

The IAF will be alive with a variety of artistic mediums and styles thanks to its more than 80 exhibitors this year. There is so much to do, from amazing art displays to workshops and masterclasses, art walks, talks, and conversations to performances, outdoor projects, and numerous concurrent activities.

The artists and galleries exhibiting at IAF are inclusive of all styles, mediums, materials, and forms, creating a melting pot for traditional, up-and-coming, recognized, and worldwide art all in one location. Here is a quick guide if you are feeling lost:

* If South Asian art, history, heritage, and culture are your areas of interest then you must attend a talk or do a walkthrough with Shaleen Wadhwana

* Get your mind boggled by metal crafts by Vikram Goyal which challenges the conventional forms and functions of brass

* Dive deep into the world of chiaroscuro through the hyper-realistic oil paintings by international artist Antonio Santin of Galerie Isa

* Behold the grandeur of mere stones which have been impressed upon by the sculptor Anish Kapoor of Galleria Continua; be prepared to be blown away by his iconic concave and convex mirror works which are magnificent and monumental

* Put performances by Debashish Paul and Prabhakar Kamble on your must-do list

* Parallelly, you can catch the show at Bikaner House!

Every year, a different artist decorates the IAF’s front, and this year, the Warli painters Vayeda Brothers are in charge, giving the fair a blend of a traditional and modern vibe. Be prepared to see the hands of these artists, who are involved in “The Jungle Project,” a group of green projects, as they show their passion for the environment.

So, pack your bags and get set to spend four days of this month submerged in this sea of diverse art and culture. Let the creativity get to you, interpret it, feel it, and observe it with your personal touch.

(, Founder, The Artemist)




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