When Warda Khan talked about what Divya Bharti still meant to her husband, Sajid Nadiadwala

Warda Khan married Sajid Nadiadwala in the year 2000. This was producer Sajid Nadiadwala’s second marriage. His first was to the late actress Divya Bharti.

Divya Bharti had a short but successful career in Bollywood. She worked alongside Sunny Deol in ‘Vishwatma’, with Govinda in ‘Shola Aur Shabnam’, with Shahrukh Khan and Rishi Kapoor in ‘Deewana’. She had also worked in a few South Indian movies. In the three years since she became an actress she worked in several movies and reportedly had many more movies in the pipeline.

She had also begun her shoot with Anil Kapoor in the popular movie ‘Laadla’ when tragedy struck and she died in the year 1993. The makers then approached actress Sridevi to step into the role.

Divya Bharti was often called a lookalike of Sridevi as she shared some similarities to the superstar actress. She was only 18 when she married producer Sajid Nadiadwala of Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. He was 26.

The two reportedly got married in secret and she continued to stay with her parents hiding the fact that she is married as her father was opposed to the union. Later the couple announced to her parents that they were married.

Their happiness was short-lived though as only 10 months after the wedding, Divya Bharti fell from the fifth-floor balcony of her building and died.

Her death sent shockwaves through the industry. Yesterday, April 5, made it 29 years since the tragic incident.

It took Sajid Nadiadwala 7 years before he considered getting married. He married Warda Khan in 2000 and the couple are now parents to two sons.

Warda Khan had opened up a few years ago about Divya Bharti, her husband’s first wife and more importantly, his first love.

She candidly confessed that Sajid still had a few items of the late actress like her perfume, comb, hair products, and she said that he is still attached to memories of her.

She was also the one who brought to light the fact that Sajid Nadiadwala remained extremely close to Divya Bharti’s parents and took care of them like his own. They too came to rely on him like a son and even Warda started referring to them as Mom and Dad like Sajid did. She also added that Sajid is like an older brother to Kunal Bharti, Divya Bharti’s younger brother.

Warda also said that she has had to deal with a lot of trolling and so she wanted to clarify that Divya Bharti remained a part of not only Sajid’s but also her life and she accepted it wholeheartedly.

She added that everything takes time and everyone has their place in someone’s life and so she and Sajid Nadiadwala were working on making beautiful memories of their own.

Divya Bharti, had in her short career spanning three years worked in 21 films and she reportedly had nearly 30 films lined up. She was the young face who was on her way to becoming the highest paid actresses of her time, beating the likes of Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi and Juhi Chawla, the reigning actress of early 90s. Even after all these years the tragedy of her death at the young age of 19 is hard to digest. 29 years since, her memories live on.



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