New Delhi, April 3 (IANS) The Congress in Delhi on Friday questioned the Delhi government on the availability of community kitchens promised for the migrant labourers in the wake of lockdown to contain coronavirus.

Speaking to IANS, Delhi Congress Chief Anil Chowdhary said that “the Kejriwal government is claiming that it is feeding 8 lakh people, but where are the community kitchens?”

The Congress said there is no food available and, if in some places it is, its quality is questionable. The party repeated its charge that the lockdown is unplanned.

“Because of unavailability of food, thousands of people were forced to leave Delhi and walk to their native places”.

Chowdhary advised the government to use school kitchens to feed the people and demanded that quarterly fees in private schools should be waived completely as many people are faced salary cut and business establishments are closed.

The Congress also demanded a complete waiver of fixed charges on water and electricity on the lines of Rajasthan where the charges have been deferred.

The Congress said the Delhi government is not dealing with the situation carefully as the prices of essential items are soaring and there is a supply shortage.

The party referred to reports from across the country about hoarding and black marketing. Flour, rice, sugar, pulses, cooking oil, fresh vegetables, face masks, hand sanitizers and liquid soups are witnessing shortages and price rise, the party said.




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