‘Where will it bring votes from?’: Gehlot on BJP’s ‘2nd’ RS candidate

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Tuesday accused the BJP of “horse-trading” as independent pro-BJP candidate Subhash Chandra filed his nominations for the Rajya Sabha seats from the state as the fifth candidate and asserted that Congress shall win all three seats.

Talking to media, Gehlot said: “BJP has fielded Subhash Chandra, but from where will they get votes? None of our MLAs are going to be sold. Our MLAs saved the government without any inducement. What will they offer to those MLAs who refused to be sold even for Rs 35 crore?

“They know they don’t have all the votes. Will they do ‘horse trading’ here and spoil the atmosphere?”

He alleged that “under the leadership of Amit Shah, they tried to topple our government. This world knows. Now they have started again by fielding Subhash Chandra. From where will these votes come? Then these people want to do the same horse-trading? They are not instilling good traditions in Rajasthan”.

“Each one of our comrades has saved the government. 19 such companions, who were taken away after being misguided, have also joined us now. Everyone is united. When they know that we cannot win, then why are they putting this tradition in Rajasthan?” the Chief Minister said.




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