White tigress gives birth to 3 cubs in Mysuru Zoo

A white Tigress in Mysuru’s Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens has given birth to three cubs.

Animal activists and wildlife lovers are celebrating the moment as the pictures of the tigress with her cubs went viral on social media.

According to the official communication by the zoo authorities, the cubs are born to the tigress ‘Tarili’ and tiger ‘Rocky’. Tigress Tarili gave birth to triplets on April 26, the authorities said on Tuesday.

The zoo authorities are giving special attention to the care of mother and her triplets and all four are responding well, said the officials.

Tigress Tarini is 8-year-old and tiger Rocky is 4-years-old. The zoo has nine male tigers and seven tigresses.

Tarini is taking care of the cubs well and the zoo authorities are monitoring them around the clock. This is the second time Tarini is giving birth. Earlier, it had given birth to a cub which died soon.

The gender of the cubs is yet to be ascertained. The tigress and the three cubs are going to be a major attraction for the visitors of the famous Chamarendra zoo.




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