Who are Canada’s most popular premiers?


While some of Canada’s premiers approach the summer in a decidedly more “chill” place with their respective electorates, others are feeling the burn.

The latest data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute shows Nova Scotia’s Tim Houston holding the distinction of being Canada’s most approved-of premier, while simultaneously seeing goodwill towards him decline the most over the last three months. Last quarter, Houston’s approval stood at 73 per cent. It’s since dropped 11 points, to 62 per cent.

Movement has trended downward for most of the rest of the premier pack, with notable drops for B.C.’s John Horgan and Quebec’s François Legault (seven and eight points respectively).

Two premiers see statistically insignificant increases in approval. If Doug Ford was hoping for a renewed honeymoon with Ontarians on the heels of a majority re-election, he’ll have to settle instead for a two-point bump.

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leader Doug Ford begins another term much like he started his first one, with approval of slightly more than two-in-five Ontarians. The middling approval is at odds with the election results – a stronger majority than Ford and the PCPO won in 2018. That said, most voters didn’t bother voting; turnout was the lowest in the province’s history.

For Ford, majority control of the provincial parliament comes paired with little in the way of a platform, except building highways and expanding hospitals. Ford and the provincial government proposed the latter to address a key issue for many Ontario voters, and a pandemic backlog of almost 22 million health-care services, including one million surgeries.

And outgoing Premier Jason Kenney is also given a two-point increase in approval by Albertans on his way out the door after a fractious political civil war within the ranks of the governing UCP saw him put to a leadership review that failed to provide enough of an endorsement to convince Kenney to carry on.


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