Whopping pay-checks Hollywood stars: Tom Cruise leads the pack with $100 million

It was a well-known fact that the top stars of Hollywood take home whopper of pay-checks. A couple of decades ago, this wasn’t the case but big studios like Marvel and big franchise deals have made it so that actors make insane amounts of money.

Here’s a look at some of the astonishing amounts made by top Hollywood stars for their performance in bug budget entertainers.

Tom Cruise seems to be leading the race. The actor’s actual paycheck for his Mission Impossible movies and ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ may seem less than substantial but the actor is a sharp businessman and he made some neat back-end deals with the studios and is netting some of the profits.

For instance, Top Gun: Maverick has made nearly $1.2 billion at the global box office. This means Cruise takes home nearly $100 million from the ticket sales, streaming revenues and home entertainment rentals.

As per a new report by Variety, which lists the world’s highest paid actors, Tom Cruise is far ahead of the rest of his peers.

For quite some time now, the biggest stars in Hollywood netted around $20 million for their movies. But Marvel came on to the scene and changed it all up. But Marvel stars quickly realise that outside of the franchise they don’t make the same kind of sweet deal money-wise.

With Tom Cruise sitting pretty at $100 million, the next one on the list is Will Smith who made $35 million for his Apple TV+ movie, ‘Emancipation’. Clearly, Cruise is at an unattainable top spot at the moment.

Actors Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio tie in at number 3 with $30 million for a Formula One Film and Martin Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ respectively. Both these movies are heading for a streamer release.

The number 4 spot is shared by a whole bunch of actors, all of whom have charged $20 million. This list includes Will Ferrell (‘Spirited’), Dwayne Johnson (‘Black Adam’), Chris Hemsworth (‘Extraction 2’), Tom Hardy (‘Venom 3’) and Vin Diesel (‘Fast X’).

Actor Joaquin Phoenix also found himself earning a massive hike for the sequel to his acclaimed ‘Joker’ and he too will be making $20 million for the sequel to his 2019 movie. He earned $4.5 million for the first one.

Jason Momoa is being paid $15 million for the ‘Aquaman’ sequel and Ryan Gosling is taking home $12.5 million for playing Ken in Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’, the same as his co-star and titular lead actor of the movie, Margot Robbie.

Currently, the bottom of the list is Robert Downey Jr. who is being paid $4 million for his role in Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’, which is less than Millie Bobby Brown’s $10 million for her sequel to ‘Enola Holmes’. This is mostly because Downey plays a supporting role in the movie and is being paid the same as other cast members of the movie – Emily Blunt and Matt Damon. Millie Bobby Brown (of ‘Stranger Things’ fame), on the other hand, is headlining the sequel.



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