I have often been struck by the hypocrisy of people in the mainstream media and watch just how they let their own biases and prejudices come through in their coverage.

On June 18, a Caledon mother and her three adorable children were killed when a drunk driver ploughed into their vehicle. The driver was later identified as Brady Robertson, a 20-year-old and besides learning that he had a licence suspended and a few other details, we know little or nothing else about this young man who destroyed the lives of a woman and her three children. I am sure there are people out there who would want to know a bit more about Brady Robertson’s lifestyle, the people in his life etc. Journalists have lost interest in the story and have moved on to the next one. Now perhaps if the woman and her three children were black and a drunk off-duty police officer was responsible for the crash that took their lives, we’d never hear the end of that story.

Much like we never seemed to hear the end of another similarly tragic accident that happened on September, 27, 2015 in Vaughan. It may be recalled that Mario Muzzo, grandson of the late billionaire developer with the same name.

He was driving from the airport in his SUV after returning from his bachelor party in Miami when he blew through a stop sign and rammed into a minivan carrying members of the Neville-Lake family. That crash killed four people, three under the age of nine, and badly injured two elderly women. 

When that tragedy occurred, there was wall-to-wall media coverage about this horrendous accident.

Journalists portrayed Mario Muzzo to be a rich, spoiled playboy who needed to serve his full sentence and not get any special treatment on account of his family wealth. The fact that he came from a billionaire family came up in every story as if it was a bad thing to be rich.

On the other hand, if Brady Robertson came from a wealthy background, there would be a lot more media interest and we would have had experts delving into his family history as well as dissecting his personality. But chances are that Brady comes from a troubled or dis- functional family.

Now Brady is white and so are the victims he killed when he crashed into their vehicle, however, if they were black, there would be an investigation into whether he had ties to far right groups or espoused white nationalist causes. Activists would be demanding justice and use this as a possible example of white hatred and the media would go along with such a narrative until it was proven that race had nothing to do with it.

If Trump loses on November 3rd  so do journalists

There is a distinct possibility President Trump could lose the upcoming Presidential election in November and that has got to have dozens of media personalities and experts thinking about their own professional futures.

Prior to Donald Trump announcing he would be running for the US Presidency in and around 2914-15, dozens of major American news outlets were stagnating and were in danger of going bankrupt. Readership of newspapers was down and viewership for many national television news outlets was in decline. Then came along Trump and suddenly “Fake News” got a shot in the arm. The more he criticized the media, the more people began to tune in.

In 2016, feeding off the fumes of Trump’s presidency, Fox News had the best quarter in cable news history. MSNBC grew more than 50 percent in both daytime and primetime. CNN also saw double-digit growth over its sensational 2016 ratings. These networks began growing at the expense of practically everything else on television. Watching the news and reading the news was actually and still is often more entertaining and unbelievable than watching shows on TV.

Similarly, national newspapers were suffering decline as advertising was drying up. But something magical happened when Trump came on the scene, the moribund New York Times announced record growth in digital subscriptions, which have more than doubled since early 2016. Subscriptions to other publications, such as The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, the Financial Times, and the New Yorker, have all grown, after years of stagnation or decline. Twitter in particular has reason to thank Trump for attracting major traffic to its platform and giving it the kind of publicity money just can’t buy.

There are dozens of journalists and media presenters including Canadian Daniel Dale who is employed by CNN as a fact checker who should be updating their resumes and sending them around soon. Daniel Dale’s claim to fame is fact checking President Trump. Without Trump in the White House, Daniel Dale could be coming back to Toronto in time for Christmas.

Millions of people across the world profess to hate Trump but can’t seem to get enough of him. They tune in to be entertained, shocked and angry, sometimes all three can happen in the course of ten minutes. This is reality TV at its best. The fact people tune into news channels to be entertained is saying something. He says things that most people think about but know better not to say it aloud. He does that for many of us. Naturally then he stands out from among politicians who are otherwise masters at obfuscating the truth and telling creative lies.

With him gone, the news cycle will be so boring. In Fact you’d better off watching paint dry.


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