Why police is clueless in Alwar rape case, asks Raj BJP women wing chief

Why Rajasthan police have been unable to get any clue on the victims of Alwar rape case even after 19 days and why there has been constant u-turns by senior police officials, asked state BJP Mahila Morcha president Alka Mundra after reports came in that police have reportedly gone back on its own theory of accident in the matter and has released the delivery boy secretly after arresting him.

A minor girl on January 11 was found bleeding from Tijara ki Puliya from where she was rushed to a local hospital. The local doctors rushed her to JK Lon where she was operated for three hours as there were internal injuries on her organs.

Alwar SP Tejaswini Gautam told IANS at that time that it looks to be a matter of gangrape and “we have instituted an SIT to investigation the matter.”

However, later he refuted his own claims and said that there is least probability of rape even before the SIT submitted its report.

Later, the police started investigating from accident theory angle and also recreated scene on the spot and arrested a delivery boy.

However, recently the FSL report, as per sources, have indicated rape yet again as traces of semen have been found on girl’s clothes. So, police released the delivery boy secretly.

Why can’t the police stand strong on its own claims and why is it changing its statements, asked Mundra.

It’s not just this rape case which has shaken the state. “I just came from Dungarpur where a minor girl of class IX was allegedly kidnapped and gang-raped by boys of her own school and police were still in search of the accused?”

An Alwar type story has been repeated in Bhilwara too where police were taking U-turns in the gangrape case of yet another deaf and mute girl.

Why has the state government kept the women’s commission panel vacant for the last three and half years? Now, when there are reports of rapes and molestation coming in from different parts of the state, why the women leaders from the ruling Congress are silent? Assembly elections will take place next year and the important positions are still vacant, she quipped.

The state already ranks first when it comes to crimes against women, however, there is still no woman leader from the state government coming up and standing for the cause, she said.

Earlier, Suman Sharma, former Rajasthan women commission chairperson, had attacked the Ashok Gehlot government, questioning the delay in filling the vacant positions of women panel.

“Rajasthan Chief minister Ashok Gehlot has hired 10 advisors in the state, however, he has kept the state Rajasthan women panel vacant for three years. Is the CM against women, doesn’t he like to bring in women empowerment or is he following double standards?” she asked.




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