Wife alleges ex-Gujarat Cong chief ‘kicked’ her out despite taking care of him during Covid

Responding to a legal notice issued against her by her husband and former Gujarat Congress President Bharatsinh Solanki, Reshma Patel through a legal notice on Wednesday alleged that despite taking care of her husband when he was down with Covid, she was kicked out from his house after he got cured of the disease.

Reshma Patel, via a legal notice served through her advocate Nikhil P. Joshi in response to her husband’s notice, alleged that despite taking care of Solanki when he had contracted Covid-19 last year, she was kicked out of his house.

She said that after Solanki got cured, he quarreled with her and pushed her out from his house, not even letting her change her clothes.

Using his political stature and clout, Solanki, a former Union minister, has been pressurising her for a divorce, which she doesn’t want, Patel said in the notice.

“I have never misbehaved with Solanki and I was and I am ready to stay with him,” Patel said.

On Tuesday, Solanki had published a notice in the newspapers warning legal action against people entering into any kind of financial or other transactions with his estranged wife, his lawyer Kiran Tapodhan said in the notice.

“Reshmaben (Solanki’s wife) has not been living with my client for around four years. She has been behaving arbitrarily while living separately from him,” read the notice issued by Tapodhan.

“My client being a politically and socially respectable person, nobody should conduct financial or any such transactions with his wife by misusing his name and identity. It will not be my client’s responsibility if anybody does anything like that. If my client finds out about any such transaction, he will take legal action against the person,” the notice said.