Wild elephant tramples toddy tapper in Kerala


A wild elephant trampled a toddy tapper to death in Kannur early Monday morning, sources said here.

The incident took place in at the 7,000 acres Aralam Farm in Kannur district which is home to around 800 Adivasi families. The 39-year-old, who hailed from nearby town of Mattanur, was on his way to work when the elphant attacked him.

In the past five years, this was the eighth life lost to wild elephant attack in the past 5 years, the locals said. The tribals who live in the government allotted farms have been demanding appropriate action from the attack of wild elephants, they added.

According to them, there are close to around 30 wild elephants in the area who cause huge destruction to their farming activities.

The tribal families are mostly engaged in cultivation of plantains and pineapple and toddy the smell of which attract these animals.

The victim’s body has been moved to the state-run Pariyaram Medical College in the district for autopsy.



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