Will BJP be part of the next government in Puducherry?

With opinion survey and exit polls predicting a victory for the BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in Puducherry, will the BJP be part of the next government in Puducherry, a land of Tamil speakers will be known soon.

The BJP has been finding it difficult to make a mark in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry all these years.

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in Puducherry consists of All India N.R. Congress (contesting in 16 seats), BJP (9) and AIADMK (5).

The NDA’s rival for the 30-member Assembly is the Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) consisting of Congress (14 seats), DMK (13), CPI (1), VCK (1) and an Independent (1).

The election was held on April 6 and the voter turnout was 81.69 per cent.

“It will be interesting to see a government in which BJP is a part. This will be the first time BJP will be part of the government in a Tamil speaking land,” political analyst Kolahala Srenivaas told IANS.

He also added that BJP being part of the next government depends on the poll results and how All India N.R.Congress performs.