Will Deadpool 3 feature a cameo by Chris Hemsworth’s Thor?

Ryan Reynolds’ bold, brash and raunchy superhero, ‘Deadpool’ has officially become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the third instalment of ‘Deadpool’ will be released under the Marvel banner.

This is exciting as it opens up the possibility of other Marvel characters joining in the fun. As per latest reports, ‘Deadpool 3’ could likely feature a cameo from the God of Thunder, ‘Thor’.

As yet the release date of the movie has not been announced but a few details about the movie has been discussed by the writers of the movie.

Writers, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese in a recent interaction revealed that the third installment of Deadpool will have the same “raunchy” tone as the previous two movies. While discussing about the upcoming project, the writers also shared that the movie could include a possible cameo of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor in it.

The writers had an interaction with the ‘Den of Geek’, and there they spoke about whether or not there will be a Thor cameo in the movie.

Of course, as goes the Marvel rule, without giving out too many details, they said, “Oh man, if he did, we certainly couldn’t talk about it. But it’d be super cool.” It’s almost as if the Avenger is in the threequel and they are not allowed to talk about it.”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently becoming the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse and Phase 4 is all about cameos and multiverse travel so it is quite likely that Thor could make an appearance in ‘Deadpool 3’.

For now, this remains wishful thinking, much like Ryan Reynold expressing his desire to make a brief appearance in Hemsworth’s soon to release, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Whether it really happens or not, fans can make themselves happy imagining the sarcastic banter between the Asgardian and the Merc with mouth.



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