Will singh more despite trolls: Bhojpuri singer

Bhojpuri singer Neha Singh Rathore, who has created a political storm with her number “UP Mein Ka Ba? (What is there in UP?)” in an apparent response to BJP MP Ravi Kishan’s song “UP Mein Sab Ba” (UP has everything), has said that she will continue to come up with more such numbers despite being trolled.

Neha told reporters that she is not afraid of trolls and will continue to raise “issues of the common man and the poor” on social media platforms through Bhojpuri songs.

“Every government has a complete set-up for publicising its schemes or development works. However, the common man and poor people do not have any such facilities. I want to raise their issues through Bhojpuri songs,” said Rathore.

She said that her song “UP Mein Ka Ba?” underscores many issues like unemployment and mowing down of four farmers by a vehicle in Lakhimpur Kheri on October 3, 2021. A total of eight people had lost their lives in the Lakhimpur incident.

Rathore, a science graduate from Kanpur University, calls herself a “Jan Kavi” (people’s poet). She loves the Bhojpuri language and says she is inspired by noted Bhojpuri poets, including Bhikhari Thakur and Mahendra Misir.

Neha grabbed headlines during the Bihar Assembly elections when she sang “Bihar Me Ka Ba”, raising various issues of the state. Her video had become popular on social media platforms.

The Bhojpuri singer who is now living at ‘an undisclosed destination’ in eastern UP, said that she was also being given life threats and was termed as a ‘Samajwadi agent’.

“I have no political affiliations or leanings and through my songs, I only try to give a window to people’s feelings,” she said.




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