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Will the NDP and Liberals join hands to keep out the PCs?

As the campaign heats up, the NDP seems to have gained at the expense of the Liberals but aren’t expected to form a majority. However there have been persistent rumours of a possible NDP-Liberal coalition and the respective party leaders have been forced to comment on the issue publicly. For nor both Wynne and Horwath have refused to commit to the possibility of joining forces to form a coalition government should the Progressive Conservatives win a minority in the upcoming election.

Premier Kathleen Wynne told supporters in Toronto’s north end that despite “a lot of overlap” between the two parties, she would hesitate to team up with the New Democrats because their business taxes would make the province less competitive for trade.

But in a contradictory statement Wynne made earlier, she didn’t rule out the possibility of a coalition.

Meanwhile NDP Leader Andrea Horwath maintained that her party could win a majority of seats, but indicated that if it didn’t happen, she’d happily sit in the opposition bench rather than form a coalition with the Liberals.

However, many observers aren’t buying it.

Horwath didn’t want to be drawn into any speculation but added that like Wynne, she too would wait until June 7th before making any decision.

It remains to be seen if the two parties would form a coalition that many believe would be unstable given their diverging views on so many important issues. Meanwhile the fate of Ontario hangs in balance. -CINEWS

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