‘Willow’ reveals how Canadian Dempsey Bryk was got to play Prince Airk

Jonathan Kasdan, the showrunner of the streaming series ‘Willow’, has revealed how the team zeroed in on Dempsey Bryk for the casting of Prince Airk in the series.

Fate had it for Dempsey, who is Canadian and was cast for the part despite the makers actively looking for a polished British actor to play it. He was selected after Jon and team stumbled upon his audition tapes.

Talking about the same, Jon said: “We knew we needed a contemporary version of a charming fairytale prince. We met a lot of very proper British actors, you know, very manicured men, and then Dempsey, this fun Canadian kid, showed up in one of the tapes and was so original and fresh; we all knew we could not pass him up.”

Written and executive produced by Jonathan Kasdan with Ron Howard and Roopesh Parekh as executive producers, the series walks a tonal line between epic fantasy, comedy, and a reverence for the original with a contemporary edge.

The series also stars Christian Slater as Allagash, Hannah Waddingham as Hubert, Annabelle Davis as Mims, Graham Hughes as Silas, and Kevin Pollak, who is back as the mischievous Brownie Rool.

‘Willow’ is available for streaming in English and Hindi only on Disney+ Hotstar with new episodes dropping each week.




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